The Best Offer

by admin

Why Ten Cents on the Dollar?

Nothing has any value except what’s put on it at the moment of the transaction: before and after, any imputed value is a reference back to the the moment of the transaction.  And that value is arrived at by two people, at one moment, each using their own database, either formal or informal, of comparable values in determining whether they are getting a good or bad deal.
For most people, its a big deal whether they got a good or bad deal.
The moment when they discover that their asset has lost its value is a moment of identity destruction.  
So, I’ll give you ten cents on the dollar.  The value that you believed is had is a faint shade of the value you can realize.
It’s an unfortunately apt phrase for today’s world.  
If you can’t find value in the assets you’ve accumulated — financial, physical and emotional — then where do you find value?  You can’t live life without believing that your life has value, can you?