The Constant

by admin

A sector of the world pivoted today, made a quick turn and in the midst of seeming stressed, but orderly, cracked with such a resounding snap that it created a moment of pause, and then a rapid panic.

The reaction to panic, to sudden fear, is universal: adrenaline rushes through your system, the act of reacting is far in advance of any actual understanding of processing or action, and, in the hurry to get wherever your unreasoning drives you, you go mentally blind. The brain is a dull roar. The rush is as if the steady pulse of a plane engine had overwhelmed your reason, had gotten deep into your blood stream and riven all sense.

This is the limbic brain. It is a constant, the greatest constant you have. And maybe the most evolved goal we can have is to stop from reacting, for a moment, when we hear the loud snap, with the confidence that when we’ve been able to process the moment we’ll react quickly and with purpose. And if we don’t, then we’ll accept the consequences, for they are preferable to the disorder that comes with blind panic.