Country, Liberty, Courage

by admin

The 4th grade book is Toliver’s Secret and Ryan is working his way through it, with a combination of long and short response homeworks every evening.  It’s the story of a 10-year old girl in Revolutionary New York who is asked by her grandfather to carry a message to couriers for George Washington.

On evening when the homework is running late and Ryan is tired, it makes more sense to read to him than have him struggle through reading himself.  Last night was one of those nights.  The chapter we read described how Grandfather explained to his granddaughter why she needed to take the risk to taking this message alone across the Hudson to New Jersey.
At one point, it mentions that the little girl is 10….Ryan’s age.
“I couldn’t do that,” Ryan says.
“Don’t be so sure,” I said.  “If you had, to rescue Mom or Luke or Julian, you would.”
“Not alone,” he says.  
“You would.  You would surprise yourself.  You can’t imagine doing it now, but if you had to, you would do it.”
He would.