Surface cute

by admin

Watch her presence closely. It’s all surface cute, this woman Sara Palin, who’s currently campaigning for vice president.

Her posture is that she’s right off Main St. America. But the average person walking down Main St. differs from her on two important ways. They have much less ambition and much more humility. The average person, that person on Main St. Palin is playing to and who she says she represents, is more aware of their circumstances and abilities. They may believe that given the right set of facts, they could apply more common sense to make better decisions than your average, co-opted politician. But, they don’t want the problems that come with that position…they want the people in that position to behave with dignity and good sense. And, with a sensible amount of dignity and self-awareness, they recognize that they don’t know what they would need to know to do the job.

Not Palin. She’s obdurate in her self-arrogance. She’s winking, laughing, going all folksy and down home. Like me. Recognize me. And, above all, do not question me.

It’s not what we need.