The dB’s, long ago

by admin

Standing on the left side of the Ritz, away from the stage, loosely attached to everything around me, a little drunk, wandering in my mind.  The wall vibrates, the heavy bass thump running up my spine, giving me the sensation of moving inches with every down beat.  But I’m stable, I’m rooted.  I’m sad, you know.  That I can say, then, just sad and confused.  The inclination was to be upbeat and positive, and all the information around me was contorted and confused.  

That sounds like an exaggeration, doesn’t it.  It’s not.  But it’s really hard to gab the nuance and keep the sense of urgency.
Holsapple is at the mic.  Throaty, raw, hair flopping, calling out:  Dan went home and killed himself last night.  She’d taken everything.
And now, the years have passed, and life has gained it’s little rewards.  The voice has deepened, softened:  She was the one.  How could I tell?  I took a guess and she did the rest….
Right.  That was my life too.  The arc, the conclusion, the place, the feeling.