Make your computer a typewriter

by DRM

I’m a typewriter lover…have a five old portables of different vintage. My core typewriter — the one that brought my voice out when I was young and stood by me while I struggled to become a writer — was a Smith Corona Clipper portable.

Last year I worked my way through a 15-year writer’s block and went out to find a replica of that old Clipper. Along the way I found another five portable typewriters that caught my fancy.

And to think I could have just made my computer into a typewriter. With the clackety-clack.


Typewriter: Minimal Text Editor [Freeware]

Writing on a manual [typewriter] makes you slower in a good way, I think. You don’t revise as much, you just think more, because you know you’re going to have to retype the entire fucking thing. Which is a big stop on just slapping anything down and playing with it.
Will Self

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