Mankind’s Giant Step

by DRM

I was 8-years old that summer and remember running back home in the afternoon to watch the astronauts land on the moon.

It was remarkable and abstract. Some grown-up guys made it all the way to the moon! We beat the Russians. Somehow, these fuzzy, jerky images were coming all the way through space, through the air and ending up running down the rabbit ears of our black and white TV, coordinated with tinny sound.

What’s remarkable about the past 40 years, is that the exploration and innovation that we’ve achieved hasn’t been a continuation of the expansion of space.

The most profound explorations of the past 40 years have been of the human body. The science of our brain, of viruses and bacteria, of genetics and evolution has become the new frontier.

We stepped on the moon and it was mysterious and barren, with little promise.

We’ve searched inside ourselves and have found rich systems with great potential.

That’s the real legacy of the last 40 years.

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