A sense of humanness?

by DRM

Try to describe something that you have witnessed. Supply only spare details and be brief. Try to tell an experience that caught you in an instance, that was outside of the normal flow of a day because of some quality that was especially human.

What does it mean, to try to call something “human?” You can’t take anything from a word like human, unless you just mean to evoke a grand and http://www.africancolours.com/images/content/bs1.jpgbiased reaction from the person you share the word with.

A moment can feel human because something about the human experience, something defining, is exposed in a moment of clear perception. It brings you closer to your understanding of what it means to be human, to be a person, without any awareness on the part of another person that they have been a messenger. You just bear witness to what it is that is clear about the experience, that shows you a moment of connection, a sensation of recognition.

The human experience is captured in the vulnerability and engagement of the heart. In the power of our heart, our sense of our needs, emotions, desires and fears, to obstruct our ability to move easily from each discrete moment of tending to our basic needs: food, shelter, warmth, safety and rest.

What is anguish? What is joy? These are things that create a human moment.