The beach

by DRM

I’m out in Westhampton Beach for a couple of days celebrating Tami’s birthday. It’s a special place for us: we were married on this beach, our youngest son was born here and we’ve lived here for stretches off and on. The weather has been gorgeous, the kids are having a blast with friends and we’ve had a little time to sit on the beach.

It’s been our first break of the summer. Birthdays offer the chance to assess, take stock. Celebrating the birthday of someone you love helps you remember the meaning of life.

We’ve talked about how effectively we’re measuring the purpose of our life, how well we are setting priorities. It has been a busy summer, as we’ve both been pointing flat out to manage our businesses through the challenging economic times.

I’m blessed with great people around me. The best of them are unaffected talents, who have values centered around other people. They inspire me and help set me straight when I go sideways.

I don’t have the time or convenience of easy Internet access on my laptop these couple of days and it creates space for a different kind of thought. The re-constituting of our economy has forced the reconstituting of many lives. The shift in cultural focus creates the opportunity for shifts in personal focus. I hope I’m able to take advantage of those shifts to have a life that is meaningful and in proportion. That’s a true gift.