Ardano on aesthetics & natural beauty

by DRM


Just how bound up natural beauty is with art beauty is confirmed by the experience of the former. For it, nature is exclusively appearance, never the stuff of labor and the reproduction of life, let alone the sub-stratum of science. Like the experience of art, the aesthetic experience is that of images. Nature, as appearing beauty, is not perceived as an object of action. The sloughing off at the aims of self-preservation — which is emphatic in art — is carried out to the same degree in aesthetic experience of nature

Aesthetic Theory, Ardano

The light suffuses, but doesn’t overwhelm.  In our physical experience, this light would disrupt our optic nerves and subject us to discomfort, a loss of focus.  The painting creates a buffer between the frailty of our body and the piercing power of the light.  This buffer presents an alternative experience, of quietude and natural beauty, a sphere within which man’s manufacturings exists peacefully.