Twin Trees — Albert York

by DRM

From the NY Times obituary of Albert York, the painter who died last week at 80:

“Rarely measuring more than 12 inches on a side, Mr. York’s paintings evoke a world in which time and art seem to stand still or even move backward through history.”

It’s hard to write about art: the act of describing or criticizing a painting or sculpture is inevitably reliant on personal language and context that is relevant to a small audience.

Calvin Tomkins tried to describe York’s work and wrote circles around it in his characteristically clear prose. The net was, Look at these great paintings! No one has ever seen the artist! But he’s still alive and living in Water Mill!

Sometimes, just look at works of art. They’ll speak to you in very simple ways. Then stop looking and walk away.

Here’s the link to the Tomkins article:

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