H = S+C+V

by DRM

Be confident in seeing what is in front of you.

From Scientific American, a rebuttal to the phenomenon of positive psychology, summed up in the equation: H = S + C + V (Happiness = your Set range + the Circumstances of your life + the factors under your Voluntary control)

“Human intellectual progress, such as it has been, results from our long struggle to see things ‘as they are,’ or in the most universally comprehensible way, and not as projections of our own emotions,” Ehrenreich concludes. “What we call the Enlightenment and hold on to only tenuously, by our fingernails, is the slow-dawning understanding that the world is unfolding according to its own inner algorithms of cause and effect, probability and chance, without any regard for human feelings.”

Here’s a taste of the upbeat science we impose on our  uncaring world.