Found art, abstract life, momentary beauty from Lauren Greenfield

by DRM

There’s so many levels on which to engage with this video from Lauren Greenfield.

The video itself is a structured artifact, created from video clips and photographs that were taken with a specific use in mind. These clips were then culled and gathered to create a unique experience, a kind of photo-DJ transformation.

The photos were taken at the Fashion Weeks in Milan, New York and Paris.

These images are highly self-reflective. The women are being transformed into stylized beauty memes; the transformation reduces the organic and inflates the artificial. The photographs create additional distance from the organic self embodied in each woman. The clothing loses context and asserts itself as decoration of the in-organic object. The shots before, after and in-between provide the context of time.

And it is beautiful, with a two-dimensional elegance, that suspends emotion.