by DRM


The things I couldn’t learn in school:  chemistry, physics, other languages.  These have become the things that are at the core of understanding.

At one not-to-distant point in time, understanding human nature was the provenance of the humanities, with some sprinkling of the pseudo-science of anthropology sprinkled in.  Context and comparison gave you the framework for defining a truth.

Today, it’s the mystery of physical processes that are inter-twined and beyond comprehension.  The things I read make sense as a whole, but the grammar of the organic world is essential information that provides the context for the future.  I wish I knew more of it, and I keep trying to learn it in bits and pieces.

Typtophan is related to turkey, but what’s more important is the way that it is used in your mind when you enter into an intense ruminative state.  It’s keeping everything from shorting out.