Yankee Stadium: the Budweiser logo & rain on the concrete wall at Monument Park

by DRM

In the quiet of am empty cathedral, archetypes creep up on you. Yankee Stadium is that kind of place for a long-time baseball fan. The imagery is mythological; a modern pantheon of ordinary men who did un-ordinary things, who are held up in memory as being something more than men. Like Gods, they have their own council and their own Olympus; like Gods they are somewhere near, but untouchable; like Gods they inspire and dismay, but hold within them the flaws of ordinary men.

This isn’t modern religion, where mysteries are explained with a structure that reflects the desires for orderly social interaction and motivation for contributing to the social good. This is a pagan religion. The stadium is a modern day Delphi; Monument Valley a depiction of Mt. Olympus.

Here are two images from a night visit to Yankee Stadium 12 days before opening day.