A Greek theater is filled with nature’s temptations

by DRM

The dynamic of the Greek theater is compelling for the tension between the natural openness of the bowl and the architectural weight of the center stage.

Let’s put ourselves there for a moment. We sit 20 rows up in the center, warm in the later Spring sun. The sky is blue and endless. The air lightly carries the scents and faint sounds of the city behind. The actors are posed around the stage, their voices raised in pointed focus to climb up to the top rows just behind us. Our brethren are gathered around us, all of us looking down at the dusty ground before the Rand facade.

We can engage with the great natural world at any moment by turning our eyes a few degrees in one direction or the other. Or we can stay locked in the human drama being played out below.

The playwright will succeed if we don’t avert our gaze; he will fail if a cloud embraces our imagination.