Something lifted from the stream

by DRM


Hey…you, writing away, the mind is unfettered, running off, skewing this and that and here it comes, something in your fingers, something kinetic, something physical it’s right there, Hey, just keep writing and get into it, let it loosen and tell the story.  That will be what life has got for you.

Controlled, craft, real, that’s right in the moment, be in it, give to it, find it where it goes with you, the cobblestones, the sore hand, the flat heel, the ache in the small of the back, the weight, the silver flash of the smile, the hair on the forearms, the way that the street has got its sweat from the night, the popcorn that is settled in the curb, the angry viscous lashing out when you take something that you don’t deserve, steal that, make away with it, give me that I need it and want it and can’t get it any other way, that’s what it is going to be when you let the joy push through and open up the pathways to your heart, trust the light tread of the words, make the simple connections and take the story to where it goes.  You will go with it.

Because joy is what makes the sadness weaken, make your hope encroach on the sore places in your heart.