A passion that can never be uprooted

by DRM

We have a tradition on our anniversary to commemorate the occasion by each writing an entry in a special journal. Here is what T wrote. I share it because it moved me and because it offers an elegant metaphor for love.

Here we are on our fifth anniversary, where tradition tells us the symbol for the occasion is wood.

Wood doesn’t seem all that romantic. So, when I researched it further, I found that in marriage, wood represents strength and a solidified relationship. That made sense to me — I am bearing witness to the strongest bond and most solid relationship I’ve ever experienced. And the beautiful part about this is that faced with life’s uncertainty, the relationship, our love, our marriage grows stronger and more resilient. We laugh, we share, we talk, we hug, we kiss, we give, we support, each and every day. We’re connected.

I wanted to find something unique that captured our love, on our fifth wedding anniversary, and for weeks searched for an ideal wood sculpture. Nothing. Then, staring out our bedroom window, I saw the chestnut tree in our backyard. Strong. Enduring. Abundant. Grounded. And suddenly it hit me: Wood.

Trees are the perfect symbol for our incredible, powerful bond. Our love has grown so much since we opened ourselves up to it. Each day we tend our love, nurture it. Each day, the beauty of our love, just like the beauty of nature, astonishes and impresses me. Captivates me. Makes me feel like I am part of something that is big and wonderful, wise and ambitious.

So here we are. Five years later. Two soulful trees, entwined in each other’s life, growing side by side, but not crowding the other so as to stunt nor deform the other’s growth. Instead, I am grateful for your never-ending support, companionship, generous spirit and all the many ways you contribute to this beautiful life we share. Thank you. I love you more than there are trees in the wired, more than there are leaves that grow in their branches, and with a passion that can never be uprooted.

Happy fifth anniversary!