Creativity makes us alive in every moment

by DRM

drm digging in the sand.jpg

Do you have things that you think you remember, that you should remember, but that you don’t really know?

When you open yourself to these images, they hang immaterial and alluring.

Science has taught us that when we imagine remember or dream of doing something, or seeing a thing or hearing a sound, mirror neurons are firing in our brain just as they do when we have the actual experience.  We live it again.  Or, more precisely, the experience lives us again.

When I glance quickly at this photo, I can feel the stick in my hand, the sensation of chunking the blade into the sand in an mental metronome, embrace the intensity and focus.  The more I study the photo the more dissociated I feel:  the physical experience is eerie and present.

This is a physical mystery.  I’ve just stumbled across a potent neural binding that has lay fallow for decades.  When the photo activates it, I’m at sea just the way Swann was when he caught the scent of the madeleine.

This is why you should write.

Metaphor does not reside in words, but in ideas.  The ideas are manifest in our physical experience.  The connections are resident in our mind.  Creativity is a drug…a drug that opens and releases the connections, that make us intensely alive in every moment.  And what else is life worth?