“She was an angel”

by DRM

She’s young here, not yet 20, and her future isn’t written in her face. She’s experienced sadness. Her father died when she was young and her family was reduced to a mean existence, the froth and frivolity of a town life erased by the shadows of tenement rooms.

But she’s smart, pretty and determined. She’ll continue in school, pioneer the field of dental hygiene, move off from her family, fall in love, bear a son.

Look at her closely. Can you see the demons? They have to be there.

She’ll have her first breakdown when her son is 6. She’ll be sent away. She’s treated with electricity, shocking her brain.

When she comes back she is better. She tries harder. She doesn’t let on. But, she is always on the precarious sliding edge peering at the darkness.

Six years later she dies. Cancer eats her insides out. Her son can’t bring himself to remember her. Later, all he will say is, “She was an angel.”