The birth of sex, drugs and (rock & roll)

by DRM


The 1920’s are characterized as a decade of prosperity. Though initially economic in nature, this prosperity diffused into all other arenas of American life. It was the age of the flapper, of speakeasies, and of trivial spending. It was an era that threatened the image of the Victorian woman – – timid, conservative and polite in character — and an era that toyed with social taboos. The Media popularization of Freud’s ideas unraveled the social hush on matters of a sexual nature and made sex appeal a staple fixture of the advertisement industry.

We all think our era explores new frontiers of debauchery, but it’s just our own silly ignorance at work.  Think about it:  close to 100 years ago, American culture brought sex out of the shadows and made it an emblem of proud exploration.  The sociological reasons are complex, and theories ever changing, but the implications for experience are no more profound than they are today.  Look good, feel good, have fun!