‘Theo, in the living room…” An Excerpt

by DRM


Theo, in the living room, evening light, soft time, muted gold, an eye wash of sunlight and inner life, the big photo album balanced gently on his knees. Blonde hair across his face, hiding the curiosity in his eye, matching gazes with the young woman in the picture, head crowned in braids, skin fair and translucent, sepia wash across her, face gentle, eyes wise and open.

“Grandma was so beautiful, mom,” Theo whispered.

“She was very beautiful,” Mariah said.

“It’s not fair that she suffered so much,” Theo said. “No one should be locked away like that.”

“She couldn’t take care of herself, baby. She was going to hurt herself and they needed to watch her all the time.”

Mariah leaned in against her little boy, felt the uplifting music of his thoughts vibrate through his frame.

“Is that when you went to live with Aunt Catherine?” Theo asked.

“Around then,” Mariah said.

“When will we see Aunt Catherine?” Theo asked.

“Sometime soon, baby. Sometime soon. ”

They fell silent, mother and son. The light soothed Mariah, gave her a gentle thread to tug and pull, to draw into and discover. There were new things there beyond her sight, discoveries, uncertainties that coaxed her.

“I wouldn’t let anyone take you, Mom. I’d hold you tight and make you better. I’d put all my love into you and get everything bad out. “

This is excerpted from a short story that I just finished the draft of. Please read it if you are interested and leave any feedback or suggestions that you have. The story is meant to be very impressionistic, and I’m not comfortable at this point that this draft works.

The full text is below.

Mariah Drove to Canada — DRAFT