“They hugged and kissed each other for ever so long…they did not know why.”

by DRM

How do you know that? Have you been there to see? And if you had been there to see, and had seen none, that would not prove that there were none … And no one has a right to say that no water babies exist till they have seen no water babies existing, which is quite a different thing, mind, from not seeing water babies.

Charles Kingsley, The Water-Babies, A Fairy Tale for a Land Baby

Ten years ago, a woman walked into my life. Today we celebrate our fifth wedding anniversary.

She is my muse, my partner, my friend, my inspiration. I’d rather be in the world with her than anywhere else.

Before I met her, I believed in Love, but couldn’t believe what Love turned out to be. That’s a danger that comes with being facile with words: you can describe what you see, so you believe what you say.

I’ve found that true Love leaves you speechless, gives you the strength to look at the world with clear sight and quiets the restless uncertainty of the soul. I can’t tell which is more profound…the experience of loving T. or being loved by her.

We got married on the beach. The day unfolded shrouded in mist, welcomed a brilliant summer sun, and ended under the speckled starlight by a bonfire with tom-tom drums pounding and our bodies melting together in their primal rhythm. Today they are fused more deeply. When I close my eyes, it is her heart that I hear beating.

Happy anniversary, baby.