A reflection on the creation of unstudied beauty

by DRM

Rising with the sun

Experience presents a constant puzzle: the fullest sense of experience is to be wholly in the world, immersed and accepting of the things that we encounter, surrendered to the moment.

To share these moments requires tremendous art. You can’t force meaning, say to yourself that you’ll use this technique or that technique to mimic something of the same feeling, or that you’ll trade your skill to make something that a person will oohh and ahhh at without being moved, or that you’ll spill out your guts without ever getting below that surface and say, “Look, that’s what I felt.”

No, you have to suspend yourself in the place between being inside and outside the moment, and hold yourself there for as long as it takes to capture the moment’s essence.

The most beautiful pieces of art accomplish that surrender.

Look closely at this photo. It is serene and unstudied. It is not professional, it is not amateur. It is captivated by the moment. Expand the screen to focus on the petal. A small gnat is flying in the air, a speck of black made miniscule by the rich colors and the soft magnetism of the sun.

We are invited into the moment too, being given the opportunity like the gnat to suspend ourselves outside ourselves, to experience a change. The offer is quiet. The artist will not be offended if we hurry on. But I suspect he would feel a moment’s regret if he saw us pass by, because we would have lost the chance to be part of the quiet majesty of the beauty he sees all around.