A thought on the value of creativity

by DRM

When you create something, the first test is to engage and interest yourself. Creativity is a gift, an instant of self-nourishment, of being generous to yourself. You can write, draw, paint, play music, whatever keeps your attention; but you have to be willing to do it for yourself.

Feeding your interest and attention engages your mind and body in such a way that you experience a change. It is as if you’ve melded your mind and body to engage your spirit.

We are able to take experience — the things that have happened to us — and re-experience them. This is perhaps the most profound gift of being human, our ability to create the physical and emotional impact of an experience freed from the limitations of time and space. It is at the core of Art.

I’m not referring to memory. When we engage our spirit in the act of creation, we are firing up our neurons in a mysterious way that science can’t completely explain, so that our consciousness experiences the actual physical and emotional sensations of an absent experience.

But, because we are creating — in this example, I am thinking of writing, but it can applying to painting, or drawing, or playing music, or any other creative act — the experience, we are able to keep part of our Self separate, as an observer. That observer is able to watch and catalog and assess the phenoma of the re-experience, and that perspective gives us access to understanding about ourself and the nature of our existence.

It is not necessarily something we can express, but it is an understanding that expresses itself through us, and is as much a part of our nature as the way we walk or talk or act.

You won’t get this experience playing video games or gardening, or going to the movies or talking on the phone. None of the everyday activities of life, regardless of how contemplative or private they are, spark the process of re-experience and transport you into a state where you are able to simultaneously Be and Observe.

I am asking you to understand the unique value of engaging your internal self, your spirit, in this dialogue of past, present and future that can only be achieved when you try to create something. That is the value of art, writing, music. It is the value of Creativity.