In between seeing and not seeing

by DRM

Beach sky, taken with an iPhone4, retouched with photogene

In between seeing and not seeing, there is a large space of not being aware. When you are seeing, you find focus points, and skip from point to point as if you were racing on stone outcroppings on a stormy beach. When you are not seeing, you reach out in fog, uncertain, stuck, knowing that you have to find clarity.

The space in between seeing and not seeing is deceptive. You go through the motions of having sight, but are unable to get true understanding, achieve the experience of re-experience that comes with true sight.

That great in-between space frustrates me. It is a place where you can get stuck and too easily discouraged. The things that you work on don’t engage you. You feel like you are running the string out.

It’s easy to stay there. If you can’t get out, you are left with nothing.