“…like honey from the bee”

by DRM

The heavenly blisses
Of his kisses
Fill me with ecstasy.
He’s sweet just like chocolate candy
And just like honey from the bee.

I’m Just Wild About Harryfrom Shuffle Along.

In 1921, Broadway jumped to East 63rd Street on New York’s West Side with the first integrated musical to make it big on stage.

The hit number was written by Eubie Blake and almost dropped from the show. He wrote it as a waltz, the director wanted a one-step, and preview audiences didn’t like it until the day an understudy was forced into the role, didn’t know the moves and improvised a rousing high-stepping solo that converted the limited melody and simple lyrics into a catchy show stopper.

Inadvertent collaboration took something destined for obscurity, or worse, and transformed it into a part of our cultural zeitgeist. That’s going on every moment and we can’t really know where, why or how.