Teasing out the light around us

by DRM

Shoes in shoe store, taken with iPhone 4, retouched with photogene

When I take a photograph, I’m looking for the light. Then, as I retouch it, I’m looking for the impression. What I want to accomplish is to recreate the sensation when we look at something quickly and are left with equal parts distinct and indistinct perception. The melding of the two states creates an impression that we can recognize, but can’t quite put into words.

I know the photo is done when I capture that feeling. Lots of the photos don’t work, because I missed the light that makes things separate, and instead got the light that puts things together.

Light does that, binds and rends. You can’t always tell at the beginning, but when you start playing with the color and the saturation and tone, you find out just what quality the light has.

I do these photos with my iPhone. It places the same constraints on the photo as forms like haikus or sonnets do on poems. The constraint of form means that even amateurs stumble on a great implementation.

People call this #iphoneography on Twitter.

I’m not a poet, nor a photographer, nor an artist. I write a little. But I love to see where the light lives in the world around us.