Being the wet towel

by DRM

Dirty Wet Towel

Sometimes you feel like a wet towel, you know.

Sure, the conventional image is an empty bucket. Creativity depleted, the bucket dry and cobwebby.

But the towel image is more what it feels like. You are all used up like a wet towel. You can’t absorb anymore. You are cold and damp to the skin. You want to drop yourself.

You need to get laid out on a warm stone in the sun. You need to get dried out. The composition of the threads needs to be emptied of water, opened up like small mites so they can suck back up again. And all you can hope is that the tiny molecules of the towel are still resilient, can still absorb, aren’t so worn out that the towel isn’t much use any longer.

That’s what it’s like being the wet towel.