I met God

by DRM


5: I met God, 93” x 33” Collage, acrylic on paper, by Lee Tracy

I’ve started from no place.

I am going to no place.

What occupies me in the middle, the concentrated effort of climbing from one rung to another, the awareness of the aching in my calf and shoulder, the chafing on my palms, the dizzying distance of everything, can not occupy me at the end.

At the end there is nothing. At the end I am at once resisting and accepting, serene and anxious, overwhelmed and comforted.

When I climb back down the ladder, I won’t know what to say. I will grieve alone. I will walk back into the crowded rooms. You will look at me and wonder, ask questions and forget.

I will never forget and never explain.

This illustration is from The Ragdale Series, a stirring compilation of 48 works by the artist Lee Tracy. I encourage you to share the experience of viewing the series. It is very moving and evocative. You can reach the beginning here.