The illegitimate creative manifesto

by DRM

I was going through my papers and found three pages of loose notes. They must be recent, but I don’t know why I made them, whether they are my own ideas or notes jotted down from something that I read or saw. They are organized but hurried. They comprise a manifesto of sorts. I just don’t know whether it is mine or someone else’s.

Do you recognize the words as your own?

  1. Peaceful. Share it. Sense of beauty.
  2. JOY —-> uplift. Be in the flow.
  3. Will never be bored, art gives me a sense of explanation and helps other people in a teaching way.
  4. —>Create
    —> Make a difference
  5. Become an excellent painter. To come adventure. Be free. Freedom!
  6. Make people laugh, and give people a new way of looking at things.
  7. Relevant, helpful. Share my knowledge
  8. Freedom and openness to the growth signs life poses… My intuition is so much better than what I think I should be doing. Purpose that is staying open and living life that makes a kind of freedom. Allow life to inform me.
  9. Create, be an artists. time was an illness that hit the family. Helping others. Build more of an arts community. So many artists who are involved in the artistic community.
  10. Deeply creative urge…incredible rational….science and math…that these things that I do. Create a life that covers the circle.
  11. Be an enabler of creation and sharing of creative output.