“Recognizing someone is complicated:” A conversation about Love

by DRM

Couple daily life

"Couple Daily Life" by Nicholas Harter

– When you found me, you recognized me.

-What do you mean?

-You know who I am.

– No, what do you mean, When I found you?

– You found me.

– We found each other.

– But I wasn’t looking for you to find me. I was looking to find someone. I just didn’t know what it would mean.

– I still don’t get it. We found each other. I found you and you found me.

– I didn’t know you were looking for me.

– How could you? Don’t be silly.

– I knew you found me when you recognized me. I felt found.

– I liked you. Like you.

– This isn’t liking someone though. I like this comforter. I don’t recognize it. You recognized me.

– It’s not that complicated, liking someone.

– Recognizing someone is complicated.

– You’re confusing me.

– You see me for who I am. You see things in me that I don’t see. Things that I don’t want to see.

– I know you’re a good man. That’s why I like you. You do what you say you are going to do and you’re nice to me.

– You see me.

– You’re pretty close right now.

– No, you see me for who I am.

– You’re not that much different than anyone else. But you’re nice.

– And that’s it?

– You’re sexy. I like how you smell.

– Don’t you feel it to0. That I recognize you?

– Like you forgot me and then remembered? What’s the point of that?

– So we complete each other. You recognize me. I recognize you. We know what’s inside each of us but we know that we feel complete with that understanding. It’s like we were the missing key.

– Wow.

– What? You feel it too, right? Tell me what it feels like to you…

– Just wow. I don’t get it. We’re good together. I like you.

– You’ve got to feel this too, right? How would you describe it?

– Describe this?

– Yes.

– What we’ve got?

– What it makes you feel?

– It makes me feel special. It’s easy. You’re nice. I like when you feel good.

– And that’s enough?

– Enough? What’s the matter with that that it’s not good enough?

– Don’t you feel it inside your soul, what this connection means? I feel like I’m anchored here, like you’ve taken a piece of me and put it inside yourself to complete a puzzle, and that if I break away then everything inside me is going to fall to pieces and I won’t have the one piece I need to put it all back together.

– You’re giving me a headache.

– I mean it, don’t you feel this?

– Look, I’m not going anywhere. Doesn’t that mean something?

– It means you are getting something that you don’t want to stop getting, that’s what it means.

– That’s being mean. And what’s wrong with that? I give you the things you want too. All the time.

– Yeah, but you can buy things that you want. That’s like going shopping. You can’t separate two things that are chemically mixed. That’s what Love is. That’s what’s going on here.

– You better think about what you’re calling me. I’m going to sleep. Stop talking. You’re going to ruin everything.

– I can’t.