“to leave a signal, a message of my own…”

by DRM



Everything, everywhere, a memorial

seen from the corner of my eye;

a puzzle piece, a part of a

reconstruction, a memory.

A message —

I am still here

with you, for you. Like a spy, I read

code left in a newspaper or flashing past on a computer monitor,

recognizable only to me.


I carry a pebble in my pocket

worn smooth by the sea, warmed

from being close, looking for somewhere

to leave it for you; to leave

a signal, a message of my own —

I am still here for you.


by Lydia Ondrusek

That mason jar in the photograph holds pebbles and rocks and fragments of glass that I have found at different stops along the path way of experience.

Don’t be fooled into thinking that they are memories.  They are the talismans of experience.  They have voices.  They know what they have seen.  They can say the things that my mind can’t fathom:  when I hold one, I lose words and am transported into a time that is not-time, a memory that is not-memory, an awareness that is not-aware.

I’m grateful to my Twitter friend @littlefluffycat for sharing her poem with me.  She knows the importance of valuing talismans and she found words that hint at what we gain, even when we have experienced loss.

Thanks for letting me share your poem here.