A Mother’s Day Card for T.

by DRM


This isn’t our normal Mother’s Day.

I didn’t get to the card store. We had to go to Kentucky to the Derby. We missed my niece’s First Communion. The boys keep falling down while we’re gone and sending us texts with photos of their ugly bruises.

When you wake up this morning, I want you to know how special this day is, no matter where we are.

Happy Mother’s Day.

No gift can equal the gifts you give all of us.

Your calm and grace in the midst of disruption. Your ferocity when you defend your children. Your unmitigated Love, a constant fount of generosity, warmth and reassurance. Your steady optimism. Your unwavering certainty that each of your children can do more, should do the right thing, will do things that surprise and enthrall.

And, the deep respect and thrilling intimacy you share with me, your passion for our partnership of joy.

Thank you, baby.

We all love you and are in awe of the richness you bring to our lives.