Five photos a day for 50 years

by DRM

Imagine taking 5 photographs a day for 50 years.

After 18,250 days, you would have more than 100,000 photographs.

You would have stepped out of the flow, peered through your viewfinder and captured a single moment more than 100,000 different times.

What else will you have done out of intention, outside of the flow, more than 100,000 times?  Probably nothing.  That becomes the mark of your life, that moment of intention and its outcome, and then the next moment of intention, and its outcome.

When does it cross from from passion to obsession to mania?  When does it become art?

It doesn’t matter.

Vivian Maier took more than 100,000 photographs over five decades.  Her work was unknown during her lifetime.  You can learn more about this American original and view selections of her photos at the website