It could happen to you

by DRM


Take your heart and wing it over the hill, baby.  Listen to the rattle and the glimmer.  It’s the bouncing noise that comes wafting in on the spring air, that opens up all the warm spots in your hands, that sinks low in your mirroring wonders, that slows down and makes all the sense that you’ve been looking for.  That’s the way that it is.  A quick stop.

Don’t lyric me out of my shoes, boyo.  I’m smarter than you can think.  I’m wandering along in my mind and you’re trying to grab me back, that’s not happening.  That’s not happening. That’s not what I want.  See that water tower over there, that’s the place that I lost my heart, lingering early one morning.  The boy that I wanted to kiss came walking through the meadow.  He called out.  My heart jumped.  I wasn’t going to be stopped now, and when I jumped into his arms, I knew that everything was going to be all right.  It doesn’t matter what happened next.  I’ve got that memory.  I’ve got that thrum.  I’ve got that smile.  It never leaves my heart.

A verbal riff on solos by Miles David & Sonny Rollins on the Prestige Recording of the Miles Davis Quintet doing It Could Happen to You.