by DRM

Ground Orchid

… All these moments in the individual’s life, when the universal laws of human fate break in upon the purposes, expectations, and opinions of the personal consciousness, are stations along the road of the individuation process. This process is, in effect, the spontaneous realization of the whole man. The ego conscious personality is only a part of the whole man, and its life does not yet represent his total life. The more he is merely “I,” the more he splits himself off from the collective man, of whom he is also a part, and may even find himself in opposition to him. But since everything living strives for wholeness, the inevitable one-sidedness of our conscious life is continually being corrected and compensated by the universal human being in us, whose goal is the ultimate integration of conscious and unconscious, or better, the assimilation of the ego to a wider personality… .

–Carl Gustav Jung. “On The Nature Of Dreams”

We believe that we can know “I.”

We wonder at the meaning of “We.”

But when you make Art, when you write or draw or play or sing, you are forced beyond the “I.”

The energy that fuels creation is outside of the boundaries of “I.”

You know that because when you come back from the place where you have made things, you will feel uncertain, shaky, tentative, as if you don’t really fit in to your whole Self, as if the Creative Self changed your contours and volume.

It did.

Making Art put you into the essence of “We.”

Creating is the path to individuation.