Nature’s aftermath

by DRM

Burned Forest near Lone Frank Pass, Okanogan NF

When nature wreaks destruction, element confronts element.

In the aftermath, the residue lingers and hardens. Burnt wood defies decay. Ash wafts in the air.

The insistence of fresh growth encumbers the raw skeletons with ignorant radiance.

When man wreaks destruction, fear begets fear.

His heart seeks out a hard shell, his hands crave industry, his mind erects a kindred shelter of defiance and denial.

Prisonera of a desire to imagine forever in every moment, he too easily loses the beauty of how what is now projects to perfection.

So when we remember, we must remember with respect. We can not let false sorrow besmirch the honor of lives lived, because we must always prepare our heart for the grandest contradiction of our life: What makes us matter most is that we can matter not at all.