The parable of the three gifts

by DRM

107-115 Pleasance. F70.

The question you have to answer is whether you hold yourself away or throw yourself in; whether you ignore the consequences of failing and insist that the joy is from trying; whether you keep moving when you feel yourself slowing down.

Here is a parable:

A woman pushes a grocery cart up a steep sidewalk.  The wind is cold and harsh.  At the first corner, she meets a solitary child.  The child says, “You have to give me something to eat or I am going to starve.”  The woman gives the child a loaf of bread.  At the second corner, she meets an old man who reeks of liquor.  The old man says, “I am desperately in need of a drink.”  She give him a bottle of Kentucky whiskey.”  At the third corner, she meets a woman who looks just like her.  The woman says, “I am freezing cold and frightened.  I need something to make me warm.”  She gives the woman her coat.

When she arrives at her home she is tired and bitterly cold.  She can not hold the key to her door in her fingers.  It drops to the side of the stoop into the bushes.  She digs in the bushes but can not find it.  After a time, she sits on the stoop and hugs herself tightly against the wind.

The child, the old drunk and the woman stand at the bottom of the stoop.  “We can’t help you,” they say.  “But if you were able to help us, you can help yourself.”

After a moment the woman takes the grocery cart and throws it through the glass door.