This is a happy writing quote

by DRM

Google Writer

Writing practice keeps your brain awake and alive; it improves your ability to concentrate.  Whether or not you ever publish a thing, regular writing practice will give you skills you can use in your work and your personal life, and make you feel more empowered.  It will improve your ability to communicate, stimulate your curiosity, and make you more aware of the world around you and the world of your imagination.

How To Be A Write: Building Your Creative Skills Through Practice, by Barbara Baig

I love quotes like this. I want to plaster them all over the place. I want to set up a table at a busy street corner and hand out small notebooks with this quotes printed on the cover. I’d give people nubby pencils that are worn dull so that the points didn’t stick in the paper. I’d get excited when they stopped a little ways away and wrote something down. They would bump into each other. They wouldn’t get angry, though. They would smile.